Payment Methods

1 Credit card
The most convenient and safe way to shop online. We use credit card to ensure transaction security.
2 Money Gram
Please contact us for information about the Money Gram account Money Gram Website:
3 Bank transfer
It's slower, but it needs about 3-5 days of cash standby when the money is sent, and bank transfer is prone to bankruptcy, so do not recommend using bank transfer. Please contact us for bank account information (NOTE: If you are using the bank transfer, enter your order number, if there is no sizing on the serial number, there is no way to verify your order)
4 Western Union (an additional 5% more)
Payment method and MoneyGram West is the cheapest, because if Western union is used or moneygram payment, we will give 5% discount, and you can send payment to the West and the moneygram site